Raspberry Pi project

My project was on the Raspberry Pi, for my project I decided to use Microsoft Sway. I added images of the creators, of the Raspberry Pi and projects created using it and chose an aqua blue theme/style.

For my information sources I used Wikipedia ( something I would not normally use ) when it came to the creators David Briben and Eben Upton. For the Raspberry Pi itself, I looked at Wikipedia then used nova digital media’s article on the Raspberry Pi’s history to back the information up.

When it came to formatting I made certain text bigger and/or made the text bold for it to stand out against the background. I also laid information out in a format that would work well on top of the images added into the project.

I had a difficulty working with Sway at the start when adding an image as the software works in a different way to other presentation software. The default in Sway lays everything out for you and automatically provides the animation effect’s which caught me of guard for a while. All you need to do is add images and information.

For my numerical data I used zdnet.com and endgadget.com as starting point’s for finding out how many Raspberry Pi units had been sold in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

I chose to use this numerical data as it shows the companies progress since it was first founded.

For my images I used Sway’s built in creative commons image search feature but did manage to find the links for the images.
Eben Upton – https://sway.com/s/J3qLMBHeIGAuqu4U/images/Wb8_HtXxuSLFuP
David Briben – https://sway.com/s/J3qLMBHeIGAuqu4U/images/caUc_t-xCbttxJ?

If I could improve on my project I would use Prezi as I like the software and layout, it is less complicated than Sway and has more freedom in what animations happen and where everything gets laid out. I would also improve on my project by detailing how each Raspberry PI model varies in design and specifications. I would have also shown more of the projects people have created from the Raspberry Pi as evidence towards how the Pi has helped with innovation.

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