My project is about the history of modern movies from 1940 to 1990.

The software I used was Microsoft Sway, however I had never used Microsoft Sway before. I had to learn how to use the software as I went along, which undoubtedly slowed me down to begin with.

I changed Font sizes added videos and inserted pictures. I inserted many movie posters when talking about specific films and for the each subheading there is a photo of an iconic shot from a film from that decade.

I gathered most information from Wikipedia and Filmsite                                          

I think I formatted the document well using different headings. It is clearly sectioned into separate sub-headings and I added images that are all large enough to see clearly but not too large. I didn’t put too much text on the screen otherwise the presentation would look too cluttered.

I found it difficult to find information as the topic is quite objective, I also found it difficult to add facts/statistics as it is a difficult topic to state facts/statistics about my topic.

I could improve my project by adding more statistics and graphs if I could find some.

Following a planner helped as did feedback for Mair which highlighted errors in spelling and punctuation.

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