Starting at ITeC

My name is Joe and I had work experience before in a computer repair shop so I have a basic understanding of computers.

I have a computer at home which I use to play games, work and to watch movies on.

I started ITeC on the 31st August in the hope of getting a apprenticeship and expand my computer knowledge.

In my free I like to go rock climbing, skateboarding, playing on my computer and playing guitar.

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Starting at Itec


Hi, my name is Ryan

I have completed the level 2 course and the level 3, year one course of digital technology at Gower college.

I started ITeC on the 31st of august 2017 hoping to get some sort of apprenticeship or job involved around technology.

My hobbies are long-boarding, gaming in my free time, exploring new places and recently my best friend has been getting me into football.

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My time being at ITec

I started itec on the 10th Of August  2017

What I enjoyed the most of this trainee-ship is that we went to town a couple of times and we went out to laser-zone.

The people in ITec my group are Emma , Ethan, Jacob and Kieran and I have got along with them really well during this time I have been here

I don’t think there would be anything that I would have like to done ITec

The tutors I had were Mair and she took us places during ITec , Leia she taught us how to use E toys and showed us about the micro-flyer in Margam Airfield , Jason showed us his Robotic Rubix Cube solver and Dave taught us how to write code and understand it and gave us code so we could make a game.

I will be doing a Bridge course in Tycoch College and it is a 1 year course.

We will be going to laser-zone on our last day today and then we will go for food at McDonalds and then we will be going home

I hopefully will keep in touch with the ITec in the future

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My Time Here

I have taken part in the summer camp for 7 weeks. The time I have been here I have learnt a lot of new skills.

Over the 7 weeks I have done a games workshop when I had to make different games with code, I went out to the cinema, laserzone and more.

I really enjoyed making new friends like Ethan Aeron and Kieron and going out to laserzone.

I thing this will be help full to me for college because its boosted up my confidence and parts I have done in itec will be in my course like coding.

For my last day I am going out to laserzone for a game with everyone and then I am going for food in McDonald.

I will keep in touch with itec because they told me if I need help with my CV they will always be open to help.

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Skype Call

On Monday the 14th of August we had 2 people form the Light Air Association and wanted to Skype call us and talk to us about Margam Airfield. They asked us what did we do there and what did we like about Margam Airfield, they told us to do a new poster for the LAA an we did so. It was simple and easy because at Margam Airfield we took a lot of photos and we used them for the LAA poster and we’ve sen them off to the LAA and need to see what it turns out

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Airfield Skype Call

A week after everyone went to the airfield Kieron and Aeron took a lot of photos, we had to make a poster for a art competition that they are holding down there we had there old poster in front of us and we had to make it look a lot better than it does, we was half way thought making our posters and we had a Skype call off the people who own the airfield and they was explaining a bit about the airfield and that goes on day to day. They had a look at the posters and they said how to make it look better and to catch a lot more peoples attention like with mine they said it would look could with the heads up display and they also said as soon as they are finished to send them off and they will put them in a magazine.

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Margan Park/airfield

Everyone went to Margan park and an airfield to see what its like to fly a plane and to see old planes and how they worked but unfortunately I didn’t go because I was ill and I couldn’t make it in, but off everyone they said it was amazing and fun. I’m a bit sad that I didn’t go.

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