How computers have had an impact on my life

I had intended to post this on Monday 15/05/17, sorry it’s late. I asked Ethan and Conor (in-house learners) to explain the influence that computers has had on their lives. So I thought it was only fair that I did the same. It is a bit of a “rant” at times but also explains how I didn’t follow opportunities when I had the chance. So here goes…..

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Work experiance

My work placement is at my uncles company. The company is  called Runtech and it fixes, repairs and repaints cars. The company is open  6 days a week until 16:30. The persons I am working with are my uncle Lee or my aunt Sharon.

The jobs I am involved with are sorting out new files to put finished work in, filling in work papers and attaching them to the task sheet I was given.

Creating new work sheets on the computers, printing the new work sheets and sorting out the sheets that have work to be done, from the last date to the earliest date.

So far I am enjoying the experience down at Runtech and I am learning different skills to use, showing  that I can do the work by myself. My days of employment there are Tuesday and Wednesday  every week.

Whilst down at Runtech I have learned what work sheets I have to put into the right files, how to use the different printers that they use and sorting the work sheets into the right order.

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“How important are computers?”

Computers are extremely important in modern society; they allow people to communicate from far away quickly. If there were no computers, companies would have to resort to paperwork and slower systems and manually do their work, while now computers store all required information and have easy to read databases to organize and sort data. Computers automate the production and services of many different things. Computers are required for scientists to make accurate and detailed predictions of anything, so they would be able to test stronger and faster mechanisms before creating and testing it in the real world. Computers have helped out mathematicians to solve complex problems through brute force calculations.

I wouldn’t have gone into the IT field and there wouldn’t be any field in IT and computers if there were no computers. From my computer, I can get education and entertainment from my own house and also read the latest news with a couple of clicks. The field of medicine has improved because of technology as computers allow doctors to easily file and store all of their patients in databases, and also keep track of all diseases and illnesses and their cures in databases. Overall, Computers are very important to keep everything more organized and efficient and allows us to achieve many more things in our lives.

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Impacts if computers didn’t exist

The impact of computers if they didn’t exist

If computers didn’t exist in the world, things would be a lot slower and we would probably be struggling a lot more than we currently are. It would be hard to maintain relationships with other countries which could be a cause of a lot of our problems. It would make it a lot harder for people in general.

How it would impact my life

If there were no computers I would probably be outside and wouldn’t have spent all of my time inside and actually doing something. I probably wouldn’t know what I’d want to do at all if there were no computers as I am so reliant to them that I’d probably be failing at multiple things in life. Doing research would be a lot harder as I would have to go out and try to find information from books, leaflets or other things out there which would be hard as I’d have to manually try and find them with no idea where they actually are. It would be harder to learn about the world and would be hard to know about everything that has been going on with all the other countries, cities and more. I wouldn’t be able to access my emails or properly keep track of who’s in contact with me. I wouldn’t be able to access most types of music as I’d have to go out and buy them separately. If I wanted to go see a movie, I’d have to go out and watch it rather than buy it and watch from home in my bedroom. I wouldn’t be able to learn things on the internet; I wouldn’t be able to take IT classes. I wouldn’t be able to play games or basically do what I enjoy doing the most. I wouldn’t be able to make friends with people who are cross the world. I wouldn’t have been able to improve on my English as I didn’t do very well in High School but I’ve improved greatly because of the internet. I would literally know nothing about what’s going on in the world and would be clueless to everything that is happening around me. I probably wouldn’t be happy if there were no computers as I have always used them and have became so reliant on them to the point of not really having an interest in anything else.

How it would impact companies

If there were no computers, most companies would have trouble keeping track of important documents or information. It would be a lot slower when having to note things down, as they would have to write it down on paper rather than typing it on a computer. Companies would have trouble being able to keep track of meetings, appointments and it would be a pain to find all the papers that have the meeting dates, appointments and other general things. A lot of companies probably would be extremely stressed out as they would always have to be doing something and it would be pretty tiring having to constantly write things down that they needed to do. It’s extremely easy to lose important information on paper as you can easily misplace a lot of things; someone can take them and forget to return it. You’re unable to keep backups of information, documents or things that are general important to the company itself. Not being able to keep backups can cause a lot of risks as if something got lost you’d have to try and find information that you once used to create that thing you lost and try to re create it or you just lost it forever and wouldn’t be able to replace it. It would be a lot harder to for companies in general as computers are basically used for everything when it comes to storing information, getting information and just keeping up to date on things. The production rates of things would be a lot slower and they wouldn’t be able to keep track of how much they’ve made or what they are in need of making. It would be a lot harder for the companies to notify people that they are in need of new workers. It would be a lot harder for companies to create templates of new ideas that they’d want to make.

How it would impact space travel & medical research

Without computers it would make it a lot harder to keep track of the important information that’s needed when making space travel possible, as you would need to keep track of the pressure, speeds and the general things. You wouldn’t be able to get information back to those who are in space as they wouldn’t have a way of sending the information back, which could cause a lot of problems as you wouldn’t know what’s going on or how it’s going. When it comes to medical research, it would be hard to keep track of things that did or didn’t work. When it comes to noting down the things that’s needed to create certain medical things, it would be needed to be put on paper which could get lost. It would be hard to keep track of patients or what the patients need as you’d have to find all the paper work for each and every patient there is. It’s very easy to lose paperwork and not be able to keep backups of the paperwork that you had, which could cause a lot of future problems when it comes to keep tracking of patients or actual medical supplies. If you were in need of new medicines or anything for medical research, you wouldn’t be able to send an email out requesting more, you would have to send a letter that could take a little while to get to the place that supplies everything. It would be hard to note down everything that’s going on with a patient as you’d need to write it down on paper and do that with every other patient you’re in contact with.

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A new start

My name is Ethan and I started attending ITeC yesterday. I wanted to join ITeC hoping that I will be able to learn a lot of new things when it comes to Computer software, the hardware and generally hoping to discover some new things that I might not have known about.

My aims for ITeC is to obviously complete everything within the given time period and to be successful when it comes to completing the given tasks. I hope to learn a lot of new things and discover what I want to do/become in the future.

The time that I have spent here so far has been very good and I feel extremely comfortable, as the staff and students have been friendly towards me, which makes it very easy to talk with everyone.

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Day 1: Digital Marketing Diploma

Today was the first day of my Level 4 Digital Marketing Diploma with Swansea ITEC. I am currently employed in this industry, specialising in the management of Social Media for businesses in South Wales. Previous to this, I was working as a Creative Graphic Designer for, designing prints and imagery for various products online. Before that, I worked for Admiral PLC as a Sales and Customer Service Adviser, gaining experience in a global company. I am hoping that this current level of study will further my existing knowledge on the subject of online Digital Marketing and enable me to progress in my career.

I have participated in the induction of this course throughout the day, learning more about the various areas and modules of work that I will be undertaking throughout the Diploma. I now understand the evidence required of me, and the weight of some units in comparison with others. I have also been shown a list of optional units which will assist my 6 mandatory units – all of which complete my Diploma. I am looking forward to choosing the areas I am interested in and would like to study.

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Day 01 of Digital Marketing

So, today is the first day where I had my induction to ‘Digital Marketing’. So far we’ve learned all about health & safety, the fire evacuation process, and of course about the course itself and where we can access all the information to help us on our digital marketing journey.

A little bit about me and my background…

I am the Marketing, Comms and PR Officer for Hafan Cymru, which is a charitable housing association that support vulnerable people across Wales. I have worked in the position for almost a year.

I have 5 years experience in Performing Arts, studying 2 years in Neath College and 3 year in the University of Cumbria.

Back in the day I was in Only Boys Aloud, where I performed at the Ryder Cup, which was the highlight of my time with the group.



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