My Apprenticeship

I first got into computers when I built my own computer. I didn’t really know what to do at the start, but learnt as I went along. I struggled fitting a CPU as I didn’t know that there was a specific way to fit them. Once I had built my PC, there were a lot of issues that needed troubleshooting, like bluescreening, driver issues, memory issues etc.

Eventually, I got my computer up and running and have been interested ever since.

My current role at my job involves remote support and troubleshooting. Typically, I work through a ticketing system in which I am assigned tickets to work on. The issues can vary, anything from a password reset to company-wide server issues.

On my apprenticeship, I would like to keep gaining experience and expanding my knowledge on technical issues.



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Previous use of computers:
I first got into computers in year 7 when I re-installed Windows 7 on her laptop and the WiFi weren’t working,  at the time I didn’t know what a drive was or how to find out the name of the driver needed but after 6 hours 1 day and 3 hours the next day, I managed to fix the driver issue and in that time I learnt a lot more about the software side of a computer.

Current job role:
My current job role is helping out business with any hardware or software problems they may have, such as networking, fitting new cables, servers, setting up remote desktop, upgrading their physical machines.

What I want to gain:
Experience is what I would like to gain.

What I would like to do in the future:
Not too sure at the moment

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I have applied for a IT course in Gower college. This course suits me because there is a lot of programming in the course and that is what I want to do. The entry is that I need five or more GCSEs at grade C. The course is for one year.

There are 18 modules in this course I will be studying which are,

  • Computer Networks
  • IT Systems Troubleshooting and Repair
  • Developing Computer Games
  • Database Design
  • Computer Systems
  • Event Driven Programming
  • Website Production
  • Systems Analysis and Design
  • Network Systems Security
  • Communication Technologies
  • Digital Graphics and Computers
  • Communication and Employability Skills for IT
  • Client Side Customisation of Web Pages
  • Mathematics for IT Practitioners
  • Spreadsheet Modelling
  • Managing Networks

This course can help me get a job or apprenticeship in computer information systems, computer forensics, computer games development and computer science.

There are some IT company’s that I could work at when I finish the course such as,

  • Pisys
  • Intelligent IT Solutions
  • Netbop Web Development

I have applied for this course and hope to start in September.

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All about me

My name is Shannan and I went to Bishop Gore School and in year 10 I went to a training college in Swansea once a week to do hairdressing.

When I left school I didn’t  have the best qualifications results  I was expecting. I decided to do a level 1 hairdressing course in Gower college and to study Maths and English. A few months into the hair dressing course I didn’t like it and it wasn’t what I wanted to do but I stayed until the course finished.

In September I joined Rathbone and attended work placements in retail (CK’s) and childcare (Gwrossydd Primary School). Childcare wasn’t for me but I enjoyed retail. I am still interested in retail but I am also interested in ICT (Programming). I was still unsure what I wanted to do and I decided to come to ITeC and see if it was for me. I am hoping to join an apprenticeship involving  computers or retail as my  career choices.

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Project Review

My project is about the video game Overwatch – For my project I used the software Sway, I found Sway easy to use and effective as I liked the way you can lay out the information and images. Some of the features I used in Sway was adding images and changing the fonts.

The websites I used for my information:



I think some of the things I did well was adding accurate information and completing the project on time.

I found it difficult to find relevant images for the topic. Something I think I could have done better is adding more colour.

I made changes to my project after discussing what I had done with my tutor. I changed some of the wording and corrected spelling mistakes.

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My project is about the history of modern movies from 1940 to 1990.

The software I used was Microsoft Sway, however I had never used Microsoft Sway before. I had to learn how to use the software as I went along, which undoubtedly slowed me down to begin with.

I changed Font sizes added videos and inserted pictures. I inserted many movie posters when talking about specific films and for the each subheading there is a photo of an iconic shot from a film from that decade.

I gathered most information from Wikipedia and Filmsite                                          

I think I formatted the document well using different headings. It is clearly sectioned into separate sub-headings and I added images that are all large enough to see clearly but not too large. I didn’t put too much text on the screen otherwise the presentation would look too cluttered.

I found it difficult to find information as the topic is quite objective, I also found it difficult to add facts/statistics as it is a difficult topic to state facts/statistics about my topic.

I could improve my project by adding more statistics and graphs if I could find some.

Following a planner helped as did feedback for Mair which highlighted errors in spelling and punctuation.

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My project is About the professional basketball league the NBA.

The software I used was canva which I found easy to use.

The software features I used were different font styles, the one I used the most was dapper and changing the colour of certain fonts that were to dark for the background.

The websites I used the information from was Wikipedia and the official NBA website.

. .

The two things that I did well in this project was finding and adding information and adding images.

The thing that I found the most difficult to do was trying to add a graph which I found really complicated.

I could of improved my project by adding a graph which was the only hard thing to do.

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