Mind Tools

Today we have looked at a website called Mind tools and it helps you manage things in your head like logical thinking, being creative, stress and loads more things. This can be useful because people can get confused about what they want to do or how to do it and this site helps them organise it.

I found some things useful like ways to organise being creative, what I mean by this is instead of having a million ideas and not doing anything about it they tell you to write it down or to find a way just to do something practical with it. The benefit to organising your ideas is so you can easily access it and develop your idea instead of thinking about your idea all over again.

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Christmas Shopping Exercise

Today we went on different websites and had a look for best tech, best toys, ridiculous and and gadgets that had a price close or on 1000 pounds.

I had chosen for the best tech a Nikon D3400 DSLR camera that had cost £499 , for the best toys I choose a Lego Star Wars BB8 that cost £84.99, for the ridiculous product I choose a six pack Camo belt that cost £13.95 and for the sports gadgets I choose Nike and Fuel band that cost  £140

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Mind storms and 2D animations

Over the past weeks Jason has done Mind storms with us. We have made 6 different types of Mind storms such as Gyro boy, tracker elephant, rubix cube solver, crane and robot dog.

We have also done 2D animations where we made our own animations of us, Swansea ITeC Logo and made our own animations.

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Lego mindstorms and 2D animation

Recently I have been doing things like making robots out of Lego and programming it with a information brick, I have also done some 2D animation. I enjoyed the animation the most because I found it fun to come up with a story and think of characters and props. The Lego mind storms was good because we got to make a robot and make it move and do certain functions, we choose one project called the Tracker and followed the guide on how to make it but we had to adapt it because we were missing the wright tracks. We overcame the missing parts issue by adapting it to our own design and it functioned very well by moving and rotating its arms to sweep anything out of the way.

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Bullying Awareness, Ein Hiaith, CV building and Personality Tests.

Yesterday, Me, Tom, Joe, Jacob and Rob took part in a Bullying Awareness exercise, cards were handed out with different statements and we had to have a discussion on whether the statements were true or false and what context they were used in. We also completed our Ein Hiaith certificates.

I  was asked to watch a few videos on Ein Hiaith and complete a quiz to get my certificate. I also completed a Personality Test and my personal result was ‘Architect.’ The statements given about the Architect personality was kind of accurate in some parts and some parts didn’t really relate to me. I also updated my CV to match my current situation and me and Diane discussed possible apprenticeship opportunities.

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Bullying Awareness Week, ein hiaith and making a CV

yesterday we talked various problems that people have to face while being bullied and how these sort of situations should be handled by the person being bullied or by a bystander we also watched a few videos about the Welsh language and filled out a quiz on the videos and gained a certificate for doing so then we started developing our CV


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Cyber-bullying is more common these days than physical bullying and mostly everyone uses the internet so if your  getting cyber bullied then will do it every time your using the internet meanwhile physical bullying is at school or college or outside and it hurts .Cyber bullying affects you mentally some people took there own because of it the death have be shown to girls so it seems to effect girls more then it effect boys A couple of years ago a girl in america committed Suicide the parent didn’t know why she did it but a few months later the police was looking thought the girl Facebook and found that someone was threatening to post her naked photos all over social media just  because they broke up the boy was arrested and the Parents started a campaign to stop this from happening everywhere.

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