What is this blog all about?

This blog will serve two purposes. It will help you produce “evidence” for Key Skills¬†Improve Own Learning and Performance, and it will help you get used to the blogging software “WordPress” which you might use for your ICT Projects.

Here’s a tagcloud of the sort of things we’ve been talking about lately.

TagCloud of Learning Reflections

2 Responses to What is this blog all about?

  1. deborahpower says:

    Hi all, I’ve been at itec for nearly 7 weeks i’m preparing for my 1st exam. My confidence is growing all the time i’ve learn’t many things about word processing,how to format all ways of formatting it is amazing how its all coming together as at the start of my course i thought a mouse was something you caught in a trap.I hope to do more courses so as to get employment.using computer skills.
    I would recommend this course to any person that wants to learn
    about I.T.and any age group to.

    P. S. I also learn’t( inter net explorer )is a web site.not a high tec fish finding device.

  2. deborahpower says:

    Internet explorer is not a web site it’s a programme called a browser that’s something else i learn’t

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